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Photo of the Lazarchik home taken a few days before it was obliterated for the proposed ngl pump station. Beautiful home and setting with garden and lots of lawn flowers and shrubs, young pine grove.

Photo of the Lazarchik home taken a few days before it was obliterated for the proposed ngl pump station. Beautiful home and setting with garden and lots of lawn flowers and shrubs, young pine grove.

Photo of historic Fairview Church taken this past Winter. (facebook)

...another view (of Lazarchik home)

Shows the houses (Lazarchik home) setting.

no more historic setting or greenery

no more historic setting or greenery

pump house basement after rain and L-shaped trench with black rubber "hay tarp" laid in it

pump house basement after rain and L-shaped trench with black rubber "hay tarp" laid in it

L-shaped trench, was lined with black rubber "hay tarp" then all 10 feet deep was filled with gravel (crushed limestone) and big plastic pipes made from recycled laundry soap jugs (still stinks like dryer sheets).

Pipe where stormwater and ngl spillage from the entire 3 acres will pour out and go where it will -toward the road, across the meadow, onto the organic farm that won 1000 prizes at the PA Farm Show and the well of long term residents.This place here is not even in the center between pump stations -which would be over on Fowler Hollow Road and is the area where mountains to the East rise (we're on a downslope).

Pump station site is destroying the historic setting of the 1855 Fairview Church built by Abraham Lincoln's Cousin with handmade bricks -it towers over us -a deathtrap as NGL's hug low to the ground are odorless, colorless, there have been no monitors or warning sirens offered; and all storm water or ngl spillage will come down on our farm and well.

Useful information about the environs

A letter from a reader

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Hello, East Boot Road, This letter to reporters will give you an overview of the situation here. The State Historic Preservation officer is still hiding -won't even answer the President's Advisory Council on Historic Preservation phd archeologist and the PA Bureau of Forestry headquarters never responded to us either. This should be a big election issue. State Forest land has to be crossed to put a pump station on the private land across the road from us.

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[redacted] Urgent. Would you please begin an investigation and potential article on the Mariner East Pipeline desecrating a historic site and private nature preserve here in Perry County? (Toboyne Township -2 miles West of New Germantown) The questions I want answered are 1) Why has the PA Historical & Museum Commission/State Historical Preservation Office not protected this 90 acre farm built by Abraham Lincoln's Cousin with the 1855 Fairview Church and Federal style manor home, both made from bricks handmade on this farm -particularly, why has Survey Guidelines for Pipeline Projects June 2013 never been done to study this historical agricultural property? All the features such as trees, stone fences and lanes of the original farm are important to a historic agricultural property. Federal and state rules say that pipelines must be rerouted out around historical sites. I have never found a case where a pipeline makes a 90 degree turn and plows directly into a historic site before. This is the only surviving place I can find in America built by Abraham Lincoln's Cousins -Hanks Family, Civil War era. This Abraham Lincoln Kinsman Homestead is eligible to be listed on the National Register Of Historic Places, but to do that you must preserve the setting and feeling and the Federal Historic Preservation Act says that is destroyed by "audible, atmospheric and visual elements that diminish the integrity of the property's significant historic features". ....................2) Why is Sunoco Pipeline L.P. being allowed by the PA Bureau of Forestry to put crossover pipelines across PUBLIC State Forest land for the PRIVATE/EXPORT use of this ethane pipeline -that has not been granted public utility status by the PUC and has been denied eminent domain status in York County Court. Sunoco WAS a public utility when they transported gasoline for Pennsylvanian's use, but this NGL is an entirely different project and would be 95% exported out of Pennsylvania. This s-p-r-a-w-l is fragmenting the Tuscarora State Forest. On the Bureau of Forestry's own websites this crossover pipeline would be considered Undesireable Right of Way and not acceptable for oil & gas activity. (historic site, high value stream, nearness to highway) All PA agencies are required by law to help preserve PA's History. ....................3)why has our home of 30 years been targeted by the Bureau of Forestry for TWO, yes TWO ETHANE PUMPING STATIONS just upwind and upslope of our home of 30 years? No other home in all of Perry County has been singled out for continuous noise, flaring, emissions and danger. Heinously discriminatory! We're being deprived of our rights under the PA Constitution! We grow organic vegetables here on our organic farm/private nature preserve and every year enter them at the PA Farm Show and have won 1000 ribbons!.............the bulldozers are running hard up here and are preparing to demolish the home of the late Gene & Katherine Lazarchik who saved the historic buildings and gave the Fairview Church & Cemetery to the Perry County Historical Society (and yet never got so much as a mention on the bronze plaque on the church). And up by their house to destroy the little cemetery of the Lazarchik's beloved pets. The Lazarchiks lived a total of 190 years and this is how their legacy is treated! ................... The ethane pumping station must be moved to a site where nobody lives, which ahs no historic value, no sacred places and no cemeteries. This is not even the midpoint between pumping stations -the midpoint is on Fowler Hollow Road where Sunoco already crosses private land and is more suitable from an engineering/topograpghy standpoint to push ethane up over the tall mountains to the East. There is not even enough acreage here for 2 industrial pumping stations. PA Title 15 says pipelines must stay 100 meters from a dwelling .I can send you photos and documentation on all of this. Thank You, [redacted]