Sunoco Community Meeting photos

April 22, 2014

West Goshen residents drop Sunoco representatives in the shark tank.

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News media & Police

Sunoco representative speaks

Sunoco represenatative


Television news cameras


Sunoco represenatative

Sunoco represenatative

Mariner West map

Mariner West map closeup

Contact information

Mariner East map

Pump facility diagram

Daily Local News photographer

CBS-3 & Fox-29 TV cameras

Pump facility


Casey Lalond asks Sunoco rep a question

Sunoco's expert panel

Sunoco's security slide

A Mary Jane Lane resident questions Sunoco

A Mary Jane Lane resident confronts
Sunoco on bully tactics, received
standing applause

Mary Jane Lane residents question Sunoco

A Mary Jane Lane resident questions Sunoco

CBS-3 MPEG-4 video (link)
FOX-29 video MP4 video(link)